Apa kebijakan penanganan surat dan paket WeWork?

WeWork offers complimentary mail and package handling and storage with most of our membership plans. (Details about each membership plan can be found here: https://www.wework.com/pricing).

Letters and packages are typically stored behind or near the front desk or Community bar and can be retrieved upon request. It’s up to the members to come by and pick up their mail and packages, but the Community team sends email notifications to alert members of package arrivals. We ask that members pick up all mail and packages at their earliest convenience to avoid mailroom overcrowding and to check the opening times for the mailroom.

WeWork doesn’t currently offer support for outgoing mail and packages. Policies regarding outbound mail are handled on a building-by-building basis at the Community team’s discretion. 

Jika anggota ingin mengirim paket, mereka harus menjadwalkan pengambilan melalui layanan kurir pilihan mereka. Jika didukung oleh gedung, anggota dapat meninggalkan paket yang dilengkapi alamat yang benar di meja depan untuk diberikan kepada kurir pada saat kurir tiba.