How do I log into the WeWorkWiFi?

Below are FAQs that will walk you through the WiFi setup process.

There two ways to get your Internet credentials:

  1. Open the WeWork app 
    1. Click on the Space icon in the bottom of the app
    2. In the Space page click on the Guide button
    3. Your username and password will be listed under the WiFi section
    4. Follow the instructions on the bottom of the page to connect with your specific Operating System
  2. Go to
    1. Login to the site with your Member credentials
    2. Click on the Building Guide on the left hand side
    3. Your username and password are now available on the right hand side of the page under the WiFi section
    4. Follow the instructions in the WiFi section to connect with your specific Operating System

Note: You may need to work with your IT department to ensure your computer has permission to install the wireless certificate.


Which devices are supported?

The following Operating Systems are supported in desktop, laptop, and mobile versions:

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • iOS
  • Android

Some consumer devices are not supported on the new WeWorkWiFi network because they do not support 802.1x. Please check with the manufacturer to see if your device supports 802.1x.  


What do I do if I can’t install the WiFi certificate by WeWork due to username and password permissions?

When downloading the certificate on your Mac, you will be asked to enter your laptop/desktop username and password.

If you are unable to install the certificate it is because you need administrator permissions, please reach out to your internal company IT team.


Need Further Assistance? 

Submit a Support Request via the Member Network


*Please note: China and Russia will not experience any adjustments to their building’s current WiFi setup