Are there rules and expectations for members and guests of members when on WeWork properties?

Yes, member safety and satisfaction are incredibly important to us. Therefore, members are not allowed to use WeWork locations (including offices, coworking space, and amenities) for retail, medical, or non-business purposes — as well as anything else that would involve frequent non-member (public) visits.

Members should always treat one another with respect and are not allowed to misrepresent or make false claims about themselves or their guests to the WeWork community, whether it’s  in person or within the Member Network. We also don’t allow members to use WeWork buildings, workspace, or amenities for illegal or offensive activities.

For more context, below is an excerpt from our Membership Agreement, which all members are required to agree to before joining:

Members may not: 
i.        use the Services, the Premises or the Office Space to conduct or pursue any illegal or offensive activities or comport themselves to the community in a similar manner; all Members shall act in a respectful manner towards other Member Companies and our and their employees and guests;

ii.       misrepresent himself or herself to the WeWork community, either in person or on the WeWork Member Network;

iii.       use the Office Space in a retail, medical, or other capacity involving frequent visits by members of the public, as a residential or living space, or for any exclusively non-business purpose;