How do I use WiFi calling?

What is it?

WiFi Calling allows you to make calls using your mobile phone over a WiFi data network. You don't need any special software or carrier plans and it is supported by all major carriers. It is essentially no different than making calls over the new LTE networks, and call recipients still see your mobile phone number. If you are in an area with poor cell coverage, but good WiFi, your phone will automatically take advantage of the WiFi network you are connected to to make the call. Calls made over WiFi still count towards your carrier minutes plan.

Why should I use it?

If you're in a location with poor cellular coverage and you frequently experience dropped calls or cannot initiate calls, we strongly encourage you to enable WiFi Calling. Some areas may experience weak signal strength, but if your mobile device is connected to the WeWork WiFi network, you can take advantage of the WiFi Calling feature. Enabling WiFi Calling should greatly improve the ability to make and receive calls in these areas when enabled.

Does my phone support WiFi calling?

If you bought your phone in the last year or two, it almost certainly supports WiFi Calling. Popular devices such as the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy line of phones all support WiFi Calling. To be sure, follow the steps below to locate the setting for enabling WiFi Calling.

How do I enable WiFi calling?

Follow the instructions below for your device. Instructions are provided for iOS and Android only at this time, but if you are running a different mobile operating systems, this feature may still be supported.


Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi Calling

Note: Your carrier may ask to verify your primary address for Emergency 911 purposes. All 911 calls are routed over cellular, when possible, to properly route based on location. In the event that cellular is not available, the location provided will be used. An often overlooked benefit of WiFi Calling is the ability to make emergency calls when cell signal is poor or unavailable. 


Note: Depending on your Android device, these settings might be in a different location. 


Settings > Wireless & Networks > More... > Wi-Fi Calling


Phone > Settings > Calls > Configure Wi-Fi Calling