Who completes WeWork maintenance work?

WeWork maintenance requests are fulfilled by our Facilities team. If you would like maintenance services for your office, submit a support request. Below is our team’s scope of work:

  • TV Mounting
  • Furniture Assembly
  • Picture/Shelves Installation
  • General Handyman Services 


Please keep in mind:

 Member-specific requests that require alteration to their office have fees for setup and removal associated with them.

  • Fees are determined by the scope of work and length of time needed to address the request.
  • Fees are added to the company’s account at the time the work is completed and charged to their next monthly statement.
  • All work involving cost must be approved by the primary member on the account prior to the work being completed.
  • WeWork typically bills for additional maintenance services by the hour (for any work the 1st hour is automatic, and then measured in 30 minute increments, thereafter).
  • The cost of work per hour will vary slightly city to city. For more information, please ask your local community team.
  • All prices are confirmed on the support ticket before the scope of work is completed.