How do conference rooms/overages work? Can I book conference rooms more than a month in advance?

WeWork conference room bookings can be booked as far ahead as you would like and can cost between 1 to 3 credits/hour (dependent on peak/off-peak hours). Peak hours are 11:00 – 16:00, Monday to Friday. Smaller conference rooms (under 9 people) are one credit during off peak hours and two credits during peak hours. Large conference rooms (10+ people) are 2 credits during off peak hours and 3 credits during peak hours. The total amount of credits for a conference room will always be stated before confirming your booking.

If conference rooms bookings are added as overages they are charged on the same day for We memberships and Hot Desk memberships, while Dedicated desk and Private office members have this added to the following months invoice.

Also please note, Conference room credits do not roll over and reset on the first of every month.