How do conference rooms/overages work? Can I book conference rooms more than a month in advance?

WeWork conference room booking costs 1 to 3 credits/hour depending on the time of day and size of the room. Peak hours are 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Small conference rooms (under 9 people) are one credit during off peak hours and two credits during peak hours. Large conference rooms (10+ people) are 2 credits during off peak hours and 3 credits during peak hours. 

Below is a list of conference room credits allotted per month by membership type:

We Membership: 2 credits

Hot Desk: 2 credits

Dedicated Desk: 5 credits

Private Office: 12 credits for the 1st desk plus 2 credits for each additional desk

 Conference room credits do not roll over month to month. They reset on the first of every month.

WeWork members can book conference rooms more than a month in advance. The credits will be pulled from the allotment of the month of your reservation.