How much does printing cost?

Every company with a dedicated desk or private office gets 120 black and white prints and 20 color prints per desk per month included in their monthly membership fee. These prints can be used by any member in the company, and they are all pooled together.


Any black and white prints above what is allocated as part of your membership incur additional charges, and these charges will be added into your invoice at the end of the month. Please see our help article about overage charges here for specific details.

You can see how many prints your company has used by:


  1. Opening the PaperCut client.
  2. Logging in with your company print credentials.
  3. Clicking “Recent Print Jobs.”


You can filter the list to see all prints made within the current month. PaperCut will not show you your charges—it will only show the number of black and white and color prints. Your charges will show in your monthly invoices.