What is WeWork’s guest registration policy? Where do I register my guests?

In order for us to maintain a safe and secure environment, we track who is coming into our spaces each day. All guests who aren’t members will be asked to sign in at the front desk upon arrival.

To help speed up the process, we ask all members to register their guests in advance. With proper documentation (photo ID) beforehand, the front desk can send your guest up to meet you.

    • Note: If you have multiple guests coming at once, please make sure to register them individually via the WeWork Member App on web (https://members.wework.com/) or mobile prior to arrival.

WeWork members must be present while their guests are onsite. For security reasons, we don’t allow guests to enter our space without approval from a member and acknowledgement that they’ll be onsite while the guest is there.

Note: For We Members, Hot Desk members, and Global Access members, you must have a conference room reservation in order to register guests.