How can my company be listed under “benefits?”

There are many effective ways to make your business visible on the Member Network. We encourage you to complete your Member Network company profile - by adding business services under “what we do” on your company profile, you will be notified when other members post looking for the services you offer. We also encourage you to post your business offerings in the feed (type into the text box at and click “post”).

The Benefits Marketplace has been designed to provide best-in-class global and national service providers such as TriNetChase, Amazon, and UPS to you, our members, in an accessible manner. As such, we've instituted mandatory policies for all partners to provide significantly discounted, below-market rates and a heightened level of effort relative to member engagement. If you are interested in becoming part of our benefits marketplace, please apply. Our Services and New Business team will review all submissions and contact you with appropriate interest.